The Ship Is Seaworthy!

First show done and it was as smooth and magical as we could have hoped for.

Who knows “How Long” we will be “Reminiscing” about this “Cool Night.” We were “So Into You” and our “Love Is Alive” for everyone who came out and for The Boat ATX for having our debut show. We want to “Kiss You All Over.” Hopefully you don’t find that “Spooky.” These are just the “Things We Do For Love.”

The “Lowdown” is that we definitely hope to “Steal Away” and “Escape” with you all to “Thunder Island”, and play those smooth jams to get you “Dancing In The Moonlight” and enjoying the “Summer Breeze.” For the moment, the Yacht Z must “Ride Like The Wind” “Right Down The Line,” but don’t worry that “She’s Gone.” “Baby Come Back” next time we dock! You’ll find we are “Still The One” to make you groove.

I wanted to reference all the songs from our set but I “Couldn’t Get It Right.” If you think this is farewell, that’s “What A Fool Believes.” There are a few more titles I could use, but “I Keep Forgettin’.”

We will be booking more gigs soon and have word on the sea is that you will likely see us very regularly at The Boat come next March when things warm up a little again.

Also we have added a merch link to the Links page!

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