The Crew

Heath Allyn

Heath built the Yacht Z with the finest and smoothest wood from a hidden mystical grove on Thunder Island so that he could sail the seas searching for only the best crew to bring the finest Yacht Rock to life. During his adventures, a bevy of sirens once tried to lure him onto the rocks with their song, but he sang right back trying to lure them onto the yacht with a sweet version of “Reminiscing” by The Little River Band. That and every encounter with them to this day has ended in a stalemate.

David Houston

David first picked up the bass guitar when he was swallowed by a whale. As luck would have it, the whale had previously swallowed a bassist and the bass guitar was still lodged in its blubber. David was a natural, and was very quickly laying down the smoothest bass lines. By chance while playing “Peg” by Steely Dan, he found that a low G caused a sympathetic resonance in the whale which eventually caused the whale to spit him out. As fate would have it the Yacht Z was passing by and fished David and his bass from the water. Smooth jams commenced and David joined the crew. Due to his past trauma, Yacht Z must charge an additional fee to play where whales might be present.

Chris Nine

Chris was formerly a sea siren herself. After hearing tales from the other sirens of the Yacht Z’s frequent passage and a captain who sang a pretty sweet version of “Reminiscing”, she decided to give up sirening and join the crew to lend her magical musical gifts to creating Yacht Rock. Be careful not to look her in the eyes for too long, for she still occasionally hungers for a soul and if she’s had a drink or two, she just might take yours.

Matt Patterson

Formerly a prisoner of the infamous pirate duo of Captain and Tenille aboard their ship, The Pablo Cruise, his impeccable drumming kept the rhythm for the rowers making it the fastest and smoothest sailing pirate vessel ever known. One dark night, by the light of the full moon, Heath kept the pirate crew mesmerized with hypnotic strains of “What A Fool Belieeeeeeeeeeeeves” by The Doobie Brothers while David and Chris slipped on board unseen to rescue Matt who happily joined the Yacht Z.

Phil McJunkins

Phil once entered a raucous pub after a long trip at sea to have himself a pint and enjoy some music. As he entered, he heard what he recognized immediately as the resonant tones of his missing father’s bass guitar. He looked to stage and saw some imposter playing it! As he broke a bottle into a jagged lethal weapon and began to rush the stage ready to bring justice to this thieving (and presumably murderous) brigand, the brigand turned out to be David who explained that he had found the bass in the whale. Phil had warned his father never to trust that whale. He decided the bass was in good hands, and joined the Yacht Z crew on guitar, happy to at least continue playing in a band with his late father’s bass.