Yacht Z is Austin’s premier Yacht Rock band, comprised of five of Austin’s most talented, versatile, in-demand musicians. With literal centuries of collective experience among them, Yacht Z’s members play with some of the city’s other most popular and successful bands, such as The Eggmen, Skyrocket, Moving Panoramas, Recovering, Mock Lobster, and many more. From the day Yacht Z set sail, word-of-mouth and widespread interest spread quickly. The band spent a year rehearsing and fine-tuning its complex catalog before playing its first gig, and immediately booked a monthly residency at its home port – which, appropriately enough, is named The Boat.


-shouted by an audience member at Spicewood Vineyards

Yacht Z puts on a fun, entertaining, lighthearted, slightly kitschy stage show while also displaying top-tier musicianship and five-part harmonies. Yacht Z’s monthly shows at The Boat have packed the place ever since their debut gig in the fall of 2022. With a genuine connection to the audience, and music that seems to connect to people of all ages – whether they remember when it was released or danced to it as “retro” in high school – Yacht Rock seems to have a special kind of magic that permeates all demographics.

“When I see y’all walk in I know it’s gonna be a great night. Y’all always bring in a great crowd.”

-bar staff at The Boat

Yacht Z: Bringing you the smoothest Yacht Rock on the Seven Seas. Set sail with us today, grab a Pina Colada, and escape.

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